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Thank you for visiting Horse and Pony Info! This website will include information on all things horses and ponies. Since the website is still new, it will take a while to get all of the information up. There will be at least 1 new breed up everyday, and another page. There will be a list showing the new pages next to here.  If you would like to request information, you can on the contact form(below) Thank you again for visiting!

You can find the books used on the source page here

New Pages:

June 28, 2012: Auxois ; Barley

June 27, 2012: Ardennais ; Sugar Beet ; Australian Stock Horse

June 26, 2012: Arab ; Oats

June 25, 2012: Anglo-Arab ; Coarse Mix ; Appaloosa

June 24, 2012: Andalusian ; Hay/Grass


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